Impacts to Family

Last night my family and I spent some time together going to Fred Meyer.  We have a lot to prepare for during this season and had to pick up some things... When I got home from work I knew I had several other "chores" around the house to do, however, when Mary asked me to go to the store with her I couldn't pass it up... Then, when we get home from the store I played with Macey and got her ready for bed by 8:30 or so.  By the time I realized I finished some of my "chores" it was 9:00.  I still had some things looming over me for school and for some other things I'm working on.

So, this morning, during my devotion time, I was thinking about a few things:

1.  Was the time that I spent with Mary and Macey last night quality enough?

2.  Was the time I spent with them at the store worth it?

3.  Will I have enough time through the weekend to get these other items taken care of?

So, I look to you.  Is this happening to you?  What happens?  Are you spending enough time with your family?  Is it quality time? Do you have things "looming" over you that you can't seem to finish?  What are your priorities?

FamilyErik Timmons