Getting Started - "The Mondays"

It's Monday and we had a great weekend.  Extremely relaxed... We had a Christmas party on Friday with our Small Group from Church, then another Christmas party on Saturday with some people from work.  Both were extremely fun and great times spent together.  Also, Saturday and Sunday I got to spend with Macey and play around most of the day.

Here's the thing... After a weekend like that I don't love leaving and going to work, I would much rather stay at home and hang with my girls.

So, what do I do to get going on Monday mornings?  I try to make a list of the goals for the week, all the things I HAVE to get done and then the things that I want to get done for my personal/work goals...

How do you get motivated on Monday morning? What are your tips? Do you struggle or are you chomping at the bit to get going on Monday?  I'd love to hear.

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