The Great Tribulation

"“Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom, Thanksgiving and honor and power and might,  Be to our God forever and ever. Amen.”" Revelation 7:12 It's the end of the year and as I'm reading my Bible I am going through the book of Revelation until the start of next year.  I always find it challenging to want to read this book.  If you know anything about it at all, you know it can be extremely intimidating.  It's a book which was written by a guy who supposedly went up to heaven and was witness to the apocalypse.  No matter how much my faith grows, this is something extremely hard to grasp.

Well, this year I have noticed some very valuable pieces of help for my every day.  The verse above, for instance.  It rocked me.

This quote was made by the people who were put through what the Bible calls "The Great Tribulation", if the Bible calls it that, you know it can't be good.  These people have just gone through hell on earth because of Jesus and they end up worshiping!

Here's how this impacts me:

I go through my day, at work, at home, hanging with Mary & Macey, working on other things, without consciously thinking about who God is in my life on a daily basis.  How can I ignore Him?  What am I thinking?  God is so worthy of my praise!

I think about, how at any moment my breath could leave me, God could take my life in an instant...  He gave it to me, I don't have breath without Him, I don't have blood running through my veins without Him, I for sure don't have a successful business without Him and yet I tend to ignore it.

God, I want to take this moment to say, that YOU are worthy of ALL my praise.  Nothing else matters but I will do all things in my life as if I was doing it for You.  Glory, Honor, Power & Might to You God!  Thank you.

What do you think?  Have you ever thought about it?

Family, GodErik Timmons