Christmas Focus

So, it's the Monday before Christmas, in fact, Christmas is only 5 days away counting today... What are you going through now that it's Christmas time?  Do you look forward to this or do you dread it?

Here are the things I love about Christmas:

1.  That it give the entire world an opportunity to focus on Christ

2. That my wife loves Christmas so much!

3.  That kids love it so much

4.  That Family is together with nothing to worry about but spending time together

Things that are disappointing about Christmas:

1.  It's too short of a break from everyday life (not quite a vacation, just a taste of a break)

2.  People's expectations for what gifts they will get can be unrealistic (I'm the worst!)

3.  Once Christmas is over it seems to have gone too fast

4.  Family seems to forget about the time spent together and move on much too quickly

I'd love to hear your thoughts about Christmas...

Family, GodErik Timmons