Helpless Father

So, this afternoon I was hanging with Macey upstairs while Mary was downstairs.  We were playing with toys, reading books and just having a grand old time.  It was time to go downstairs with mommy, so I called her to the top of the stairs, she had wandered into our bedroom.  I said, "come here Macey" and of course she came running (he says with sarcasm because she never comes running when I call, except of course this time) and BAM! she slams into the corner of the door.  HUGE Goose egg on her head.  See the evidence below:

I felt as if I had hit her with the door myself.

I sprinted to pick her up, I laid her head on my shoulder and got her binky and "puppy" to calm her down, then we turned on Mickey and she was fine.  I put ice on her head and the swelling went down immediately... after about 5 minutes she was whole again.

I was a helpless father...

For about 10 seconds I felt completely helpless. There was nothing I could do for her, sheer panic rushed over me.  Sorrow filled my being, I felt like I had abandoned her, then I remembered, I CAN help!  I will help and be her hero.

This idea reminded me of God but in a way I can't even relate to.

HE CAN ALWAYS HELP!  When I fall, when I run into the wall, when I completely disobey Him, HE HELPS.  He picks me up, gives me my binky, puppy and turns on Mickey, He loves me...

My God is so cool...

Thanks for the lesson God, but next time could you keep Macey out of it. :-)  Thanks.

Family, GodErik Timmons