Meetings... Can they be exciting?

Okay, so I know you hate meetings, do you know why I know that?  Because I HATE MEETINGS... Normally, a meeting is a time when some important information is communicated, something that everyone at the meeting is supposed to be concerned about, something that the people need to hear.  However, most of the time (yes, I'm aware that there are exceptions), that information is communicated in a... less than desirable way.

So, here's what I'm contemplating...  Can we make meetings exciting?  A place where people actually want to obtain the information needed by them?

Here's what I propose:

1.  Meetings should have purpose (this seems obvious but #1 broken rule).

2.  The purpose should be communicated clearly

3.  The track should be straight and stuck to (don't let anyone sidetrack)

4.  The presenter of the information should be PREPARED!

5. There should be action steps for all parties involved in the meeting

What do you think?  Are these steps universal?  Have you been to a meeting that worked?  What did you learn?

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