I'm famous

Famous: \ˈfā-məs\ - widely known

Driving down the road yesterday I realized something, I'm famous!

I bet you didn't know that about me.

As I was driving I noticed a project that I worked on a couple of years ago and thought, "I did that and thousands of people drive by it every day, that makes me famous" kind of...

I started thinking about all of the hard work that people put into things we see every day, you know when you get frustrated because they are doing road work and it slows traffic down.  Well, once that work is done and things move faster it's because of the people who have worked REALLY hard to make that happen. Those people should be considered "famous".

After thinking about that for a couple of minutes I thought about how I'm no big deal.  Yes, I said, it, I'm no big deal.  The great thing about that is, God IS a big deal and He thinks I am too. I don't have to do ANYTHING to have God think that I'm a big deal, He just does.

With that in mind, I'm going to work hard, be the best at my job, my family and with other things, realizing that my worth is not in what other people think or the accomplishments I've made, it's in what God thinks of me.

Now, can I live that out today and every other day?  We'll see, won't we...

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