How far is too far?

How Far do we Serve Something interesting happened to me today that got me thinking...

I had a client call me and ask me to do something which they indicated was "warranty" work but which I feel isn't even close to warranty work.  The item will end up costing my company $500-600.  I feel that the owner should pay for this item because, in no way does it constitute a warranty item.

With that in mind, the actual item is minor and I will probably do it with no charge because it's not major but the frustration on the issue was enough to get me thinking... how far is too far?  How large of a cost am I willing to endure for a client?

There are so many factors to this that it's hard to determine an answer today, here are some factors that I'm wrestling with:

1.  What is the cost vs. the return? - Will Y&C taking care of this item look good enough to the owner to equal more work, or at least the opportunity for more work?

2.  What do the owners of our company view as the line? - This isn't my money I'm working with here, so what is the standard or criteria I should be weighing this against?

3.  Can I serve, in business, with no return in mind? - It seems as if Jesus is asking me to give the coat off of my back, however, what if the coat on my back isn't mine?

I would like some weigh in... What do you think about this?  Can your theory be scaled?  Meaning, does your answer apply to something that will cost you $200 vs. something that will cost you $10,000?

Let me know what you think...