Who has Control Anyway?

Today I was thinking, a lot, about a bunch of different things.  Bare with me, it won't be too long of a post. My ENTIRE family has been really "down & out" sick this week, including me.  We're talking, can't get out of bed, sick.  It got me thinking about how I have little to no control of what happens to my body, if it decides one day that it's going to be sick, there isn't much I can do about it.  Yes, I can take preventative measures and get medicine once it happens but, I mean, once I'm sick, I'm sick.  I don't have control of that, ultimately.

Also, I was thinking about the economy, things just aren't great.  Most people I know in business right now is not doing great.  SOME are but most are not, most people are in the same situation, they aren't getting enough sales, or production is down because there isn't much to do, or projects just aren't breaking loose like they used to.  It got me thinking that I have LITERALLY no control over the issue.  I'm at the mercy of luck, chance, hard work, relationships and well... God.

I think it's a thin line to say that "God is blessing my business" because what do you say when He's not?  But with that in mind, I really do think that God has Control.  He's the one who everything rises and falls on.

Don't get me wrong, I need to do my share, and so do you, but I think it's a good reality check to realize that God is in control, regardless of what happens because of this economy, or a booming one.