Who or what is God insterested in?

I have been contemplating, with the help of others, what God is interested in.  The original post (seen here) was

prompted by me wondering if God is interested in my success and the success of my company.  I have been reading the story of David and his life and have found myself brokenhearted that my life doesn't reflect God the way that David's, so obviously did...

God was OBVIOUSLY interested in David's life, David literally was a man after God's own heart.  He tried, desperately to do what God wanted Him to do.  Then... he fell... Bathsheba came along, the king that could have anything he asked for took a wife that was not his to take.

Even after he fell God still showed interest in David's life on a regular basis.  I love it.  God TAKES interest in people's lives.

So, where does that put me?  I'm not David.  I'm not even close...

Here's what I'm thinking.  God showed His interest in me when He sent Jesus to the earth, when he decided to die to forgive my sin, so that I could spend my (eternal & earthly) life with him.  His goal is to know me so He can spend now and eternity with me.  Since He went through all of that trouble I conclude that He did that so He can be involved in my everyday life.

Now, what does this look like?  Here's what I think.  He is interested in my relationship with Him.  What I do that glorifies Him and brings more people to know Him, that is what He is interested in.  If that means my success is a part of that then He's interested in my success.  If not, then, He's not.

This is something I need to come to grips with...  I need to get my heart aligned with Him and realize that if He desires my success, or lack of success, that's what I need to live with.

What does success look like for you?  Is it something you could give up if God asked you?

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