He is Raising!

Yes, the title is spelled correctly. This morning I was thinking about the fact that this is Easter week.  I'm going through my week as if it were any other week, and it is...

It dawned on me what is happening this week and what I need to realize as the days go on.

First, this week is a reminder, a celebration of the resurrection of my Lord, Jesus.  Jesus is Alive and it's because of that I am who I am today.  I try to remember that EVERY day but this week is special.

Second, Jesus is Raising.  As I go through this week I'm reminded that Jesus is alive in me today.  His Resurrection is raising me all the time.  My heart is made new every day because of what he has done.

I know that these aren't profound things to realize today but these are things that I need to be reminded of.  So, as you go through this week, keep in mind that Jesus is ALIVE today and he is Raising you, if you let Him, that is.

Ethics, GodErik Timmons