God's Will is the Past

I met with my accountability guys this morning.  We were discussing God's will and what it means to be in God's will.  Here's the way I used to think about God's will: 1.  He has a plan for my life

2.  It's my responsibility to make sure I stay on track with his will and get back on track if I get off

3.  I pray that God will bless what I'm doing and if not, show me what I'm supposed to be doing

Here's something God is teaching me, which seems to change my previous thinking:

1. God's will is His will, I can't change it.

2.  It's my responsibility to SUBMIT to God, give up my life and pray that God aligns my heart with His

3.  I look at my past to see the things that God has done to bring me to where I am.  This is how I learn where God has me RIGHT NOW.

I can't know the future.  Jesus said "No one knows what the Father is doing." I think I need to look at my past, see what God has done in my life to determine what He is doing now, then allow Him to align me with that.

Two things happened when I realized this:

1.  A HUGE anxiety grew in my life, I have NO control

2.  A weight literally lifted off of my heart when I realized that I CAN'T know the future.  God knows and I need Him to align me with Him.

Thanks God. You are Good.

GodErik Timmons