Working Hard

This weekend I started a project at home.  I decided that it would be good to add a deck to the back of my existing concrete patio.  This would give us more room to entertain outside.  I work for a construction company and it's a little project (less than 200sf), it shouldn't be a big deal, right?  I see guys do this kind of work every day. Well, it's not that it has been that big of a deal but I realized something this weekend that I need to continually remind myself of.  It's difficult to step into someone else's shoes and do their work for a day.

I have very limited experience in doing the type of labor that the guys in our company do every day and this weekend showed me that I need to respect and appreciate what they do EVERY day!

Who's shoes have you tried to fill recently?  Have you put yourself out there and tried to do something you haven't done before in order to understand where that person comes from?  What have your experiences been?