Cancer, I don't know you but I HATE you!

To get us started, don't worry about our family, as far as we know, and God willing, we are healthy and fine.  We don't really know what Cancer is like on a personal level, and God willing, we never will. Ava & Her dad

Some of you know that over the past few months I have started to follow the story of several children with Cancer.  I was first shocked to learn about Neuroblastoma from twitter and a little 2 year old named Layla Grace.  With Macey being 2 years old and the love of my life I just can't imagine her going through the pain and suffering involved, the stories really capture my heart.

Today, one of my twitter friends tweeted about another story of a 6 year old girl with an agressive brain cancer called GBM.  Only 1% of traditional treatments have an effect on this cancer.  Her name is Ava.  I'm heart broken for this family and I'm praying for them.

They are looking for Anyone who has any information for alternative treatments which may help Ava through this process.  Please let them know if you know of anything that might help her.