Worry, what good are you?

This week I was awakened to my chronic human condition, called worry.  Worry A lot has been happening in our lives lately (imagine that, we have a new born on the way).  So, we have been talking about all kinds of changes.  Things that affect us financially, things that rearrange our priorities, and things that refocus our lives.  Throughout these discussions and wrestling with what's coming our way I've become overwhelmed with trying to control these events.  I've even gone as far as obsessing about things I have no affect on.

Today I realized (via God and His almost annoying wisdom), that Worry doesn't gain me anything.  When light shines on the dark things that we worry about (the things in the future), they become miniature.  They are no longer intimating.

God, help me to trust you, to realize that I can't change things, that the "control" I think I have is allowed only by You, the Uncreated One!

Share your thoughts with me.  Have you experienced this?  What conclusions did you come to?