Baby is Coming

As many of you know, we have another daughter on the way.  Mary isn't due until the 14th of August but we both have this overwhelming feeling that baby Pregnant

girl is coming any time now.  With that in mind I wanted to touch on some things I'm dealing with.

FEAR! We love our family and the dynamic that we have, we are scared to see it change.  I'm also afraid of the unknown, another person to "take care of" and make sure I can provide for.

LOVE! I already love this baby more than I can describe, but I know the RUSH of love that will come when we meet her.  I can't wait for that!

RELIANCE! Through this entire process (and really my whole life), I am struggling to rely on God for things.  This baby coming makes me realize that I have NO control of what's happening and I MUST rely on him.  Will I do it?

So, for those of you with several children, what were your feelings like, what did you go through?  I'd love to hear some encouraging stories...