Gospel of Apple

This morning I read a tweet that got me thinking.   Let me first say that I generally get annoyed when people use Apple & Steve Jobs as examples of  things. Unfortunately I may annoy myself with this post so forgive me.

Have you ever realized how heavily adopted the gospel of Apple has become? People flock to the store to buy their products, so mush so that they can't make enough to please everyone who wants them. Why do people do this? Ease of use, sleek designs, product integrations... Yes, those play a part but I know, even for me, an Apple fanboy, that a part of my desire to want Apple products is so that I can be cooler, or at least as cool as the guy next to me when I pull out my iPhone 4. Now, it's gotten to the point where I couldn't live without it's amazing functionality and ability to organize my life but part of me desires to fit in, to roll with the crowd. The gospel of Apple is, "we make the coolest products, if you don't have them you don't fit into the cool crowd"... And people buy it, literally.  In masses!

With that in mind, I was thinking about Jesus' Gospel.  The Gospel of God's love.  The Good News of Salvation and Love. How many people are flocking to this Gospel?  How many people would stand in line for HOURS waiting to hear the Gospel of Jesus?  I don't think very many would.


Here's my theory.  The Gospel, as presented in most churches, doesn't give people the "I'm cool" feeling.  In fact, the Gospel is almost antithetical to that idea. Jesus said that people will hate believers because of him... So, in a society where people (including me, by the way) are more concerned about looking cool and having the most up to date "things", where we care more about what people think than ANYTHING else, how do we make the Gospel relevant!?

I've ALWAYS believed that God's Word is true and pierces hearts, that we don't need to shape it to fit our lives but that our lives will be shaped by it.  I sill believe that but how do we present it so that people will FLOCK and stand in line?

What are your ideas?  What can we do!?