God's Gospel, Not Mine

The post a couple of days ago about our Gospel verses Apple's gospel was really challenging for me. I've thought about it a lot since then. I'm also really surprised that there weren't more comments, although I love the comments made, they are thought provoking, I thought there would be more variety in responses... I was on a run yesterday when something dawned on me... Our Gospel isn't ours...

As the Church we feel responsible for it, we take on the weight of trying to spread the word. We take the responsibility from God, we take it on thinking that if we let it drop, all hope is lost...

The Gospel is GOD's Gospel, it's not ours.  It hasn't changed, the Good news is STILL the good news...

Demonstration of God's Power is an obvious way to bring people to a realization that God is for real!

When thinking about that, I thought about what brought me to Jesus, when did I experience God's POWER?  I can tell you that it WASN'T at church.

It was HIM!  He drew me in, His spirit brought be close and showed me how my life should rely on His.  Yes, people were involved but it was my personal experience, my crisis moment that brought me to His cross.

There were some tools that brought me to my experience with the Power of God:

1.  The Bible - I was so curious what the big deal was (I wasn't brought up in church as a child, I was 14 when I accepted Christ)

2.  People - God strategically placed people in my life to bring up questions in me that allowed His spirit to work

3.  My heart - I was in a place of needing to rely on someone, my heart was "in the right place"

So, how do we make the Gospel attractive to people?

SHOW THEM THAT LIFE CHANGE IS REAL!  The Bible says that we will overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.  We can help people come to a life changing realization of Jesus by preaching the Word, Truth, AND by showing our experience to others...

What do you think?   What are practical ways to do this!?