Family of Four

It's almost been two weeks since we became a family of four. I can't believe it, we waited for this little girl for so long, now we have "known" her for 2 whole weeks.

In the time we have been a family of four I've learned some things, there are more to learn for sure but for now, this is it: 1. What people say about loving your kids immediately is COMPLETELY true! Daphney and Macey will always be loved unconditionally by me! 2. Being a dad to two kids is so strange. I love them both completely but differently already. I love Macey's ability to pick up on things, sometimes things we don't want her to. I love Daphney's demeanor, she's way more laid back than we thought she would be. 3. Having girls is great, I don't know why but I just feel like I get it with them... When they are preteens please ask me about this again.

I hope to post more things as time goes on...