How often do you really listen?

There is a LOT of noise in our lives; from music, TV, movies, twitter, facebook, foursquare, text messages, email, bills, paychecks, to people's opinions.  It's nuts how much stuff we have going on that creates noise in our lives.

It becomes more difficult EVERY day to listen.  I have to make a conscious effort everyday to listen to my wife.  I get distracted by silly things but also by important things like, taking the trash out and paying bills.  I have been brought to a place where I NEED to listen more and I'm convinced YOU do to...

Praying this week I was challenged in my heart to take time and listen to what God is asking of me.  What should I be listening for? Are there things I'm missing because I have a closed ear?

So, I have taken time this week to be quiet and listen.  It has settled me, I feel less chaotic.  This practice has made me more aware of my closed ear.  I want to listen to people, especially people who I need to speak into my life.  I want to listen to God.

Lord, what do you have for me? I'm listening.

Check out Psalm 81:13, and you will see that God desires for us to listen to Him.