Eternity Questions

There is a blog that I read, ,written by a reader of mine, dam, which is very challenging to me.  It strengthens my faith Eternity

and helps me see perspectives I haven't seen before.  In the past few days I have had interesting discussions on  several topics, mainly being eternity and the affect it has on my life and how people who don't believe like me live almost the same as me...

Check out the discussion we had on a post dam made about some "Christian" facebook groups:

Then we also had a great general discussion about eternity:

Now, in light of these discussions, I have been challenged to figure out why people, who don't live a life after Jesus, would, could, should be "good".  My own theological belief is that we AREN'T good... That We are deprived and NEED God to bring us to a place of restoration.  Without that restoration, I wouldn't be who I am.

What are your perspectives?  How can someone be good without Jesus?