Loving Hippies

My last post was about what I'm learning from Blue Like Jazz and at the risk of being redundant I'm going to post about a quote I read last night:

"The truth is we are supposed to love the hippies, the liberals, and even the Democrats, and that God wants us to think of them as more important than ourselves. Anything short of this is not true to the teachings of Jesus." (Miller, Kindle location 1226)

I have yet to find someone who can articulate how I feel about the way the Church has skewed the message of Jesus, until now.  Donald Miller has been able to put into words what I've been thinking for a while.  It's not that Church is evil or even intentional about skewing the message, we as church goers, are human and implant our own agendas into the message, rather than just follow the Messenger.

I'm a church goer, in fact I love my church, but I continue to feel that we try to sell Jesus like a vacuum cleaner, someone who can fix everything in your life, if you just sign on the dotted line. We try to stand for issues, rather than stand for Him.  He is LOVE, He is TRUTH, He is LIFE.  That's what we're supposed to be about, not all this other stuff.

I'm learning that I need to love hippies, politicians, people I disagree with and other Christians.

What do you think it means to stand for Jesus and not issues?  How can WE change the church to embrace the MESSAGE and the MAN, not try to sell Him?  I'd love your feedback.