Fear of the Pit

Every week I meet with 2 great guys and we talk about things going on in our lives. We challenge each other to be better people, dads, husbands,

employees, Jesus lovers and make ethical decisions.

This morning, Garrow, brought up something he discussed in his small group this past week about how in Acts the early church was so "active", they were alive and the Holy Spirit was moving every day. He, and others, were wondering about why our Church isn't like that. Why can't the people who go to American churches every weekend have the same impact the Church did back then?

In talking through it I started thinking about the stories throughout the Bible and how God moved throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and the book of Acts. He was alive and made it very clear that he was there. His Power was evident in His people and through the actions that took place.

Then we talked about Joseph and his story (Check it out in Genesis 37-43) and it shed light on the fact that God's Favor, His Power in our lives is not something that is always easy, it's not always evident in the way our lives are turning out or what's happening in our lives currently.

Joseph was favored by God but his circumstances seemed to indicate otherwise. He, however, didn't lose sight of God and what God was doing in His life and was able to understand the miracles which God did for him in very subtle ways.

Now, the point.

When I think about God moving in my life, the way He did in the lives of the people involved with the Acts type church I get excited. When I think about God blessing my obedience and bringing people to Jesus, I become overwhelmed with joy and hope that someday I will be able to live that out in my life but...

Then I realize that God's Spirit doesn't always lead to comfort and what I'm used to, I have a fear of the Pit! I'm scared to let God do what He wants in me, I'm scared to pray and let God have an Acts type Spirit in me. It may lead to the Pit, but only for His Glory. Am I ready for that?

Do you think God, if given His way, will lead us to a pit? Do you think that the Acts Church is alive and well? What are you doing to allow God to lead you like Joseph and the Acts Church did?