Collaboration Sucks

How much of what you do is collaborative?

For me, not much.  You know why?  Because being collaborative isn't something most people want to do.  In other words, it sucks, or we suck at it.  We (meaning I) like to do things on our own, it's easier that way, right?

WRONG! I was thinking through some things at work this morning and realized that trying to do things out on the wings (by myself), in order to take all the glory isn't AT ALL helpful to the cause.

Here's what I think collaboration does for us as people and as a team:

1.  Creates an environment of  "openness" - if we all share our ideas in order to make the "whole" better then there's no judgement, good or bad, if an idea works or not we all have the same investment.

2.  Creates Leaders - when collaborating happens, it's usually because leaders have stepped up and decided something needed to happen.  This will force those leaders to create a desired end result and push towards it as a group.

3.  Creates Ownership - if I have a responsibility to come to a group and contribute I being to own whatever that group is trying to produce.  I'm not trying to pass the buck and hope someone else takes care of it.

Do you collaborate?  If so, do you do it well?  What are your success stories?  Have you seen collaboration fail?