Power Redirected

This weekend at church, our pastor, spoke about how in Matthew 20 some of Jesus' Disciples (actually, their mother), came to Jesus and asked Him if they


could have the seats at his Right & Left side. This sparked a conversation about Power.  How, in our everyday lives we, as humans (but I think especially male humans), fight for power.  It becomes a driving force in our lives, like it or not.

This is EXTREMELY evident in my life right now.  Over the past few months things in my life have shifted.  Work, family, finances and church have all come to a place that's completely out of my power.  I have absolutely NO power over any of these things, this is a realization I came to yesterday.  I have been fighting it for months, thinking that I could change things...  Guess what... I CAN'T!  And I'm tired of trying.

Today starts a new day.  I will be giving up these areas of my life and letting God reign.

What does this mean? (I have no idea, but here's a shot):

1.  At work - I will go with the flow, I am no longer going to try and make things happen.  I need to trust Him and listen to Him about work I should be doing.

2.  Family - There is nothing I can do about the well being of my family except love them and be there for them.  So, do it.

3.  Finances - I need to be diligent about trusting God about providing for us.  He's ALWAYS been faithful about it, why did I stop trusting?

4.  Church - Mary and I have a lot of responsibility at Church, we need to give it to Him and not try to think we have it under control.

What about you?  Are you trying to control things in your life you have no business trying to control?  Do you have a good example of letting God control theses areas?