Update on Progress

A few weeks ago I posted a list of some things I need to work on, the categories and my progress made so far is as follows:

1.  Work - I have decided that Mondays will be list making day for the week, Thursdays will be Marketing days, Fridays will be the days to do Change orders, and balance budgets, and catch up on paper work.

2.  Workout - I've actually been doing this.  So far, at least 4x's a week and have been getting up in the morning and running before work!  I love it! I plan on continuing and upping my milage soon.  Also, I have realized that I need to add another category soon... (eating right).

3.  Church - We already laid out the calendar for the next semester of small groups.  If you attend Southlake, be looking for updates soon.

4.  Personal - I've yet to do this... I am going to work on this tomorrow...

5.  Blog - I've failed to do this... I am hoping to make Monday nights my blogging nights for the week.

What are you working on?  What is happening in your life that you need to improve on?