Following a Saviour

I'm reading Tozer's, "The Root of the Righteous" and feeling very much like I have no roots.

He says, "The young believer becomes aware of an act performed rather than of a living Saviour to be followed and adored."

I'm that young believer today.  All too often I'm confronted with the fact that I am trying to DO and not trying to FOLLOW.  There is a BIG difference.

To DO is to try and act like the saviour, to try and do what He does.  I think enough of myself that I am going to attempt what He attempts.

To FOLLOW is to walk in someone's foot steps, it's to come after...

We cannot, I cannot, do the things Jesus did.  I can follow Him... That's it.

So, how do I follow Jesus?  What do you do to follow and not try to do?