A New Heart


As we move toward this Christmas I am overwhelmed by the truth that this holiday brings.  The Son of God was born to this earth in order to draw me near to my creator.

I think about all of things that happen on a daily basis that really, don't matter, and I'm thankful for this time of year which allows me to really look at my life, and my family's life, and be reminded that God sacrificed ALL He had for Me and for you.  It allows me to open my heart to what God is doing in me, to listen to Him.  It's a time that helps me understand that He is NEAR.

The innocence of the baby, reminds me of when I first knew Him, the very moment He became reality in my heart.  I was made NEW...

How about you, do you see the Baby and think about how He made you new?  Or, do you think about the baby as a myth and a good story?  Maybe you think about him and are angry because it brings up pain from your past?

Jesus came to make ALL THINGS NEW!  That's what Christmas is... Just listen and see if He is asking to give you a new heart this season.

Thank you for reading and for partnering with me in this life, I'm honored to be a part of it with you.

Merry Christmas!