Stopped Along the Way - Interesting People

This past Friday we went to our small group and had a discussion about Our Goals Vs. God's Goals for us.

In that discussion it was brought up about how Jesus was constantly on the move, he was always headed somewhere, but while that was the case He would be constantly stopped and asked questions or to have compassion on someone. When this happened to Him he never wavered, He always cared about the person interrupting him, in fact, most of His teachings were because someone stopped Him along the way and asked questions.

This got me thinking.  Jesus, was constantly interrupted and didn't blink an eye about it.  He knew his purpose, He knew what His ultimate goal was.  That was to model loving people and loving God in REAL ways.

Now, here's where it's tricky for me.  I find that it is simple for me to love and spend time with people who are like me, people who have similar interests and personalities but I don't even consider spending time with people who are much different than me.   I ESPECIALLY don't like to spend time with people who interrupt my life, my style, my thinking...

What about you? Have you found yourself in this place? We know Jesus wouldn't be like me, He would voluntarily go to people's houses who were not like Him...

Help me out, what do you do to allow yourself to be interrupted?