Real Love

Today is Valentine's Day!  Wahoo! (Yes, that's sarcasm)

Mary and I have never really celebrated this day any differently that we celebrate every day because we think that a certain day shouldn't dictate how we treat each other.  There isn't any judgement for those who do celebrate, that's just how we look at it.

In reflection about Valentine's day, however, I was thinking about "Real" love and what it means.  Then, I heard this song "Halleljah" by Tenth Avenue North, check it out here.  It's from the album Over and Underneath, it's the last track.  Check out these lyrics from the song:

"I'm falling to my knees I feel the earth beneath With the weight of my sin and this crushing unbelief Could You really love me With all that I've done?

You spread Your hands And made a refuge for the weak And blessed the weary bruised and broken Took us in Inside Your wounds we hide away"

That's REAL love.

Sacrifice, allowing ourselves to really know someone else and love them anyway.

That's what Jesus did, what He does every day, for all of us.

Think about that today and how that applies to you, to your marriage, to your children.  How can you show REAL love today?