Would my life look different?

I'm currently reading a book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It's a very thought provoking, soul stirring book. Crazy Love I read something today that almost ripped my heart out of my chest. In writing about being lukewarm Christian He said, "Would your life look any different if you weren't a Christian?". In other words, if I decided not to follow Jesus would anything change about my routine, my conversations, my family life, my giving? My answer, "I don't think much would change..." :-(

Oh crap!

So, if that's true, what's the problem, why wouldn't my life's appearance change?

I think it's because I have decided that I have a plan for my own life. I'm not listening to the God who loves me say, "I know the plans I have for you.". I'm not allowing the creator of the universe unlimited access to my life, I have it under control. Thanks for the offer "lord" but I think I got this.

What is going on with me? I'm not allowing God into my life at all. How do I? How can I give up shields, my control?

What about you? What do you do?