iPad 2 Hype

If you know me, you know I'm an Apple Fanboy.  I would love to be an early adopter on all of their products, unfortunately, at this point in my life iPad2

that's not an option.  So, I have to choose what I will adopt and what I will have to wait for.

The iPad was something I waited for because I really wanted it to have a camera to be able to do Skype and Facetime with my family back East.  I thought it would be a HUGE improvement.  Well, Apple announced iPad2 yesterday and it meets all of my expectations, except one, I really wanted to buy it yesterday, I sold some things and saved some money and I was ready to buy... Let down.  I guess I can wait another week.

Just so you know, I could go on and on about the great features this machine has and how much it's going to help me be more efficient in several areas but I won't... :-)

My excitement about this machine got me thinking.

Can I be this excited about my life with Jesus?  Am I excited about new people coming to know Him, or even being interested in what He has in store for their lives?  Am I excited about a new truth that He opens up to me through His word?

Well, I'm not right now but these questions sparked something in me.  Almost lighting my heart with a new fire.  I'm excited about what God has in store, I'm excited about His Word and what it can bring to my life and other's.

I was reading in Luke 4 today about how Jesus was healing people left and right.  How He healed people possessed and it got me thinking about how much more aware of my surroundings and hurting people I need to be.  How the Spirit inside Jesus IS inside of me!  WHAT!?  :-)

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to learn from you through something like an iPad event.  You are SO good.