Here we go again

Some of you probably remember a post I made a few months back: Loving the Unlovable.  I talked about an especially disgruntled subcontractor who

doesn't like me very much.  Guess what...

You guessed it, they still don't like me and they wrote another fantastic email explaining why, let me share part of it with you.

Here is a direct copy and paste of part (the best part) of the email I received:

"Your answer is to hang up on people, or to immediately address an adverse opinion with 'Well this is the way its going to be'. Erik, that approach always works well! Irregardless of your antics, we were not going to let that deter us from doing the task that was either our obligation to the project and contract or what we felt was appropriate to due in the spirit of Team work. Something you seem to not grasp the concept of."


I honestly can't tell you what I'm learning through this right now, all I know is that I'm extremely frustrated, disappointed and upset that someone would think this of me.  I'm even more upset that I can't do ANYTHING to convince them otherwise.

I'm at the place where God keeps reminding me "Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you." and I REALLY don't want to.