Living Life in the Zone by Kyle Rote Jr & Dr. Joe Pettigrew

I started reading this book in a time when I needed some focus in my life.  Living Life in the Zone is a book which helps men get focused on their spiritual disciplines and brings them to a place of realizing that they need help through this life.  This book walks through 40 days of hard hitting questions and challenges that allow a review of a person's soul.  At the end of the book it's wrapped up with summary questions to review and think through.  Living in the zone is a book to help focus men on living a life that is Noble and Pure.

I found Living in the Zone to be interesting at first.  The questions that are being asked and eye opening and I could see that if someone wasn't contemplating any of these ideas before reading the book, how it would be helpful.  However, after a few days it seemed redundant, Not bad, just redundant.

There were some highlights to the book which I felt helped me think through some things.  I am, by nature, someone who needs support.  I like to rely on people for encouragement and help and I like to give it back.  Living in the Zone was very clear about making sure that, as a man, you have someone close to you, other than you wife, who can be that support and help.  That helped me to see that I'm not too far out there by wanting that in my life.

I would recommend this book to a man who is needing some time to focus on where he's headed spiritually.  I would also use this book as a guide for a mentoring relationship with a newer Christian who hasn't answered some of these questions yet.

Check it out here:  Living Life in the Zone: A 40-day Spiritual Game Plan for Men