Is it about the Lists?

Life. I don't think it is. It dawned on me today that life is FULL of lists of things to do. Have you ever noticed that?

I realized today that my life is driven by lists of items to complete. Long lists of things that HAVE to be done or people who are counting on me will be disappointed or frustrated because I didn't do my part. I am going to admit it, I'm good, actually, I'm GREAT at lists. If I have tasks to do I will complete them, I can even complete them quickly and with some skill (most of the time). I'm driven by these lists and it dawned on me today that I'm wasting my time by being driven by lists. God's desire for me is to live my life focused on the experiences, not on the tasks I need to do. When I'm working to get things done (they need to be done) I should be more focused on the experience of the process than I should be on the task itself. I should be focused on the process of getting to know the people I'm accomplishing with, not on checking it off the list. Luke chapter 10, Jesus tells a story of the good Samaritan. This story is an amazing example of how the experience of a situation is MORE important than a task to be completed. The good samaritan was on his way to complete a task but stops to experience a relationship that God intended for him to tend to. I need to Cherish talking to my wife WHILE doing the dishes. I need to get to know my clients while in meetings about projects trying to get done. That's what's important!

How about you, are you about the tasks or the experience?