Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Malloch

I have been reading "Doing Virtuous Business", and as a business person who is constantly trying to check myself to make sure I am living out my faith in love at work I was really excited to read and review this book.  The basic message of the book is that there are certain virtues which we find through faith that business should be functioning through.  The virtues should be the foundation of business and not profit.

It seems that the message of the book is simple, do business in a way that treats people fairly, shows them a genuine care for their well being and make profits secondary.  Malloch identifies the VERY theoretical way that this accomplishes the goal of a healthy business but doesn't identify very specific examples of success with this process.  I'm sure, by my own experience, that this is true, however, I think it's a much longer road.  Rather than the instant gratification of doing whatever it takes to make your bottom line look healthy, doing the right thing and treating people well can seem to take much longer to see the end result.  This would make the idea and the book difficult to sell to a friend looking for the answers.

I was challenged by this book to look at my own motivation for what I do.  I am constantly trying to make sure that I am pleasing God by my actions and my motives.  This book was definitely a gut check for me, making me realize that I need to constantly make efforts to treat people well, no matter the consequence.  DVB also helped me realize that there are companies out there who WON'T do virtuous business, that they are only out for profit.  So, how will I handle that?  Can I compete, by doing the right thing, with other organizations which will NOT do the right thing?

Overall, the book was thought provoking but it was not an easy read.  At times I labored through but Malloch seemed to go deeper into issues than I would have liked.