Speaking Truth

There are times when we have the opportunity to speak the truth into someone's life.  We hear about something happening with them, something they are participating in or maybe a decision they are about to make and we have the opportunity to have input into what's happening.  Sometimes, that truth is easy to speak because it's agreeable and everyone is happy.  Sometimes, it's NOT easy.

I've found that it is extremely important to speak the truth when the situation allows for it but it seems that there should be some criteria for being able to speak the truth and having it received well, here are some pointers which may help to determine if you should speak or not:

  1. Is the person reaching out to you by telling you something they haven't told many others?
  2. Are you someone with influence in the field of discussion? (ie, are you a doctor and someone is telling you about a healthy habit decision)
  3. Has God prompted you to speak up, when maybe you REALLY don't want to?
  4. Have you seen some improvements in the persons life, do they take advice well?  Or are they just seeking sympathy?
These are some signs I have seen a good indicators that will help you determine if you should speak or be silent.
Have you experienced a situation recently?  What was the outcome?