The 4th of July

I'm stealing a post from my buddy Ebbs of Haus of Guns.  I love the simplicity of the post and the description of our freedom.  I think of all the people who have sacrificed all different kinds of things for us to have the freedom we do.  I thank God for His liberty and allowing us to take advantage of it. Here is the post from Ebbs:


These colors don’t run baby!

My daughter (‘Lil Ebbs) asked me last night about why we shoot off fireworks at this time of year. She was especially loving the redneck grenades exploding overhead as we left our weekly trip to redneck Saks Fifth Avenue (Walmart). I told her I’d fill her in at bed time when I usually do stories and read to her.

So I did. I told her all about how we fought for our freedom against those who sought to oppress us.  I explained the “England” thing to her but didn’t dwell on it because she’s only 5 and I don’t want her to hate English people now for what they did 235 years ago. I told her about how the battles lasted through the night and how so many sacrificed so that we could live in the amazing country that we do. I told her we have fireworks so we can remember what those nights looked like. Not see pretty lights, not spend more money to line the pockets of those who see them as a profit margin, and not just so we can burn things. I explained that hundreds of thousands paid it all so we could enjoy the freedoms we have. She got it.

And so I even reminded myself of how thankful I am to live here, about how much I appreciate and even sometime wish I could have been one of the original fighting men who had everything to lose. And I reminded myself that I CAN live every day as someone who has everything to lose, someone who can make this country better for my daughter(s), and someone who makes a difference simply because I choose to. And I choose to.

Thanks Ben, I know what you meant.