I hit the "Big Time"

Today was interesting. Our Commander-in-Chief decided to use Twitter as a bullhorn for his agenda, not unlike most other people on Twitter. This instance, however, was especially annoying because the President's timeline was filled with governmental propaganda about the impending Don't get me wrong, I am not, in anyway, a political know-it-all, nor do I really have much of an opinion but this budget issue drives me bananas!

Individual families are responsible to balance their budget or face dire consequences, but government officials can ignore the consequences and move on with their lives after their terms. I just don't think it'a okay to cut corners and leave it for someone else to clean up later.

Besides, I love me some Dave Ramsey and appreciate the idea of responsibility he puts on the people in leadership, as well as those of us who can help steer things in the right direction!

Anyway, with all the Twitter buzz I decided to "unfollow" our president and tweet about it. Here is a link to the tweet. With all of the propaganda flooding people's timelines, apparently I wasn't the only one who felt that way. So the Washington Post picked up on my tweet and POSTED IT ON THEIR BLOG!

I'm so pumped that this happened, I know it doesn't mean much but I still feel pretty important.

Thanks for caring.  Here are some other links which talked about the "unfollows" as well:

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