I'm not a Woman of Faith, but I Love Mine!

I participate in a pretty cool organization called, "Booksneeze". Booksneeze gives Bloggers the opportunity to review pre-released books which have been published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. This summer Booksneeze offered their participating bloggers the opportunity to review the upcoming "Women of Faith" tour and in return those lucky bloggers would gain free admission to the event.

Obviously, I'm not a woman, however, I DO have a woman in my life who has GREAT Faith and I thought I would see if I could qualify to do a review for Women of Faith. They picked ME!

I'm excited about this opportunity for 3 reasons: 1. Every time Mary has been to a Women of Faith event she has come back with new perspective, a renewed heart, new friends and a clearer vision for our family. 2. Mary is going to get to go to this event and then afterward SHE is going to write a blog post, as a guest blogger, on my site. I can't wait to read what she has to say. 3. This combines a couple of my worlds. Although I have been slacking lately on my blog, I really love to put my thoughts down on "paper" and sometimes I do that before Mary even knows I'm thinking through some of these things. This gives her an opportunity to enter that world.

So, be looking for the guest post by Mary. The event is October 7th & 8th (see the information on the badge on the sidebar) so expect it after that.

I look forward to your comments. Have any of you ever attended a "Women of Faith" event? What was your experience?