daddy dates by Greg Wright

Being dad is full of excitement and pride, it makes me review who I am on a consistent basis to make sure I am living a life that will honor not only God but my Wife and daughters as well.  I constantly have to check myself and make sure if my daughters could see how I was acting would I be happy if the mimicked me?

Something I LOVE about being a dad is being able to spend time with my girls one on one and just love them directly, without distractions.  My girls are young and so this book, was a little premature for me, however, I took away something I hadn't thought about before and will now practice from the beginning of taking my girls on dates.  GET TO KNOW THEM.

Greg does a great job of articulating that the purpose of these "daddy dates" is to get to know his girls and give them an opportunity to know him in a way that everyday life doesn't allow.  I LOVE that concept, I want my girls to know me in a way that will reveal to them how they should be treated by someone in the future and understand where men come from in ways other girls do not.  Also, I want to know them, I want to know how God created them and how I can nurture that.  How can I, as their father, show them the way to be who God intended them to be?

As I think about these things and the future dates we will have I'm crying like a baby...

This book will come in handy, later, as a guide on how to date my daughters well, for now, it will serve the purpose of focusing on spending time getting to know my girls.