Book of Man by William J. Bennett

I have 2 little girls and I'm not what some people refer to as a "man's man".  Don't get me wrong, I like to shoot things and play sports, those kinds of things but I haven't ever been someone who prides himself on being "MANLY".   So, when I had the opportunity to review this Book of Man by William J. Bennett (thank you Booksneeze), I wanted to see what his perspective is on being a man so that I could compare that to who I am. Bennett sums up being a man, as the same virtues that define military service, "Order, Loyalty & Service" (location 689 on Kindle).  He goes on to say that the highest virtues of a man's soul are "Honor, Fortitude, Service & Sacrifice" (Location 817 on Kindle).  I would completely agree if these things were better defined in the book.  He gives phenomenal examples throughout the entire book which seem to illustrate these virtues but the issue I take is that the examples seem to be in settings of extraordinary situations.  How often am I at war?  How often am I in a September 11th type situation, or playing in an Indiana State Championship game?  If you don't know, not very often.

I love the fact that the book compiles a truck load of stories about Men and how they handle certain situations, and how their Virtues are what pull them up through any situation but I was disappointed that there wasn't more time spent dissecting the scenarios and pointing out why these scenarios are ruled by Manly Men.