Heaven is for Real for Kids by Todd & Sonja Burpo

I have to say that I was kind of disappointed (not by the book).  I marked on my calendar when "Heaven is for Real" was going to be available through Booksneeze.com.  Apparently, I had it incorrect, because it was "Heaven is for Real for Kids."  Doh!  I'm kind of feeling like a book reviewer snob but it's true.  Then, after realizing that I will be able to read this book to my oldest daughter, I was kind of excited. I REALLY enjoyed reading this book with my 3 year old.  She has been exposed to Jesus and Heaven a lot so I didn't expect any major questions or issues with the story.  True to form, she surprised me.  She asked questions about being sick in Heaven and why people get sick to begin with.  She asked me how God and Jesus are sitting next to each other because, "Daddy, Jesus is God."  So, we got to talk about Jesus' nature and how he is God's son.

Then, she asked me about Jesus' scars and where the cross is in Heaven.  I got to explain to my daughter that Jesus already paid for our sins and he has the "owies" to prove it.  That, by far, was the BEST conversation we have had, EVER (and we [or should I say she] talk(s) a lot).

Finally, the art work in the book is pretty cool.  Macey LOVED the colorful depictions of the events.  She couldn't get enough of Jesus' Horse:

If you have little ones, you need to check out this book, it will definitely be a discussion starter for you.  Check it out.