I have the COOLEST friends

Truth be told, I have the coolest friends anyone could ever hope for.  I don't understand why these people are friends with me, I think it's because of my amazing wife.  She attracts people and I get to share in it... One of those friends, my best friend, from College "Ebbs" put together a website for a passion in his life, GUNS.  The website is called Haus of Guns and has some amazing content for experienced, recreational, military AND beginner shooters.  Seriously, the best firearm focused website you will find, hands down.

It's so good that he was recognized by the marketing people for History Channel's show Top Shot.  He was asked if he would be interested in interviewing the contestants as they were eliminated from the show!  Are you kidding me!?  I love that show!

I had to brag about him.  What he is doing is amazing and it's being recognized, I'm extremely proud of him.  Oh, and this is a side "hobby" of his...  He's a Youth Pastor, and one that is extremely passionate and gifted.  Again, why do these people hang out with me?

Here is the most recent interview Ebbs did of a contestant on Top Shot:

Check it out.