Being in Community

I believe, DEEPLY, in living a life that honors God and focuses on what He wants for my life and my family.  I also struggle with living a life and leading my family in a why that honors God on a daily basis.  Right now, we are in the midst of MAJOR transition that has been testing my focus and reliance more than I EVER thought it would.  We decided that we needed more space to live in and so we put our townhouse up for rent (that was the plan when we bought it, although this is faster than we originally planned) and found renters in less than a week.  So, now we have to be out of our house in less than 2 weeks and we haven't exactly found a place to live yet. We are struggling with the fact that we haven't found a place, mainly because we feel like God has brought us here and we have followed him to this point, now He is being extremely quiet and we are hanging out to dry.  He is testing our faith and our family to see what we are made of, right now, I feel like we are made of jello that is slowing going down the garbage disposal.

Don't get me wrong, I know that we are dealing with a 1st world problem (looking for a bigger house) when there are people starving and desperate for His help so don't miss this.

The reason I'm writing this post is because I have to share what the people in our community have done for us so far.

  1. One of my best friends in the world called me, out of the blue, just to take our girls off our hands (for HOURS) so that Mary and I could spend some quality time together!
  2. We posted a cry out on Facebook because our daughter (she's 3) is having a VERY hard time with all of the adjustments we've made so far.  It's affected her moods and how she is dealing with even the simplest of things. (New church & new place to live)
  3. Our small group leader emailed me today just to ask how we were doing with the transition.
  4. I meet with a couple of guys on Monday mornings to walk through the Bible and talk about how to be a Godly dad and husband, they PRAYED for me, that God's Spirit would play out and speak.
  5. I got to pray with my sister-in-law on Sunday morning IN CHURCH and she prayed for us that God would speedily show up and do what we are asking.
That is called community!  I don't know how people, without the Holy Spirit, live life...  We couldn't do it with out him or without our Godly friends around us.